Barrett Technology

Between 2012 and 2015, I worked as a mechanical engineer at Barrett Technology, in Newton, MA. Barrett is a fantastic company to work for, and builds awesome cable-driven robotic systems. Some of the publicly visible projects I worked on at Barrett include:

  • BURT Rehabilitation Robot: The BURT rehabilitation robot is Barrett Technology’s latest robotic device, designed to be a low-cost, high-performance solution for neuromuscular rehabilitative therapy and other human-interfacing applications. I joined Barrett at the beginning of the BURT project, and played major roles throughout the system’s development, from early kinematic concept exploration to the sale of the first units.
  • BarrettHand BH8-282 & Perception Palm Sensor Package: I helped bring the BarrettHand BH8-282 Manipulator to market in mid-2013,supporting redesigns to electrical and mechanical components, creating new manufacturing documentation and workflows, and designing new packaging and advertising materials for the 282 Hand. I led the mechanical design of the Perception Palm vision system, which equips the BarrettHand with RGB cameras, laser projection, IR rangefinding and illumination, through a low cost add-on module that attaches directly to the palm of the BarrettHand.